Don't Own it — Sell it!

Don't Own it — Sell it!

Don't Own it — Sell it!Don't Own it — Sell it!Don't Own it — Sell it!

Selling Chametz Explained


What's Chametz?

Chametz is any food product made from of wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt or its derivatives. During Passover it's a mitzvah to get rid of chametz, as it says, "You shall eat nothing leavened, in all your settlements you shall eat unleavened bread." (Ex. 12:20

beverages made rom chametz

Owning Chametz is Prohibited

In addition to not eating chametz, or benefiting from chametz on Passover, Jews are also not permitted to OWN any chametz during Passover. 


What do I do With my Chametz?

Sometimes we own chametz we can't or don't want to dispose of permanently, i.e. a whiskey collection, warehouse of cookies, or cases of brownie mix. In the 16th century Jewish scholars created a mechanism called "mechirat chametz" to help people follow the laws of Passover, without incurring great financial losses. 


Mechiras Chametz, Selling Your Chametz

Mechiras Chametz, Chametz Sale, is a binding and legal sale of chametz that can be performed before the holiday to a non-Jew. We promise to buy it back after the holiday. While this seems like a loophole, it's a real and binding sale, and ensures we celebrate Passover properly! (The sale is a complex legal procedure that you should not try at home.)

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